What We Do

Strawser Paving was founded in 1954
Strawser Paving has the capability to install quality asphalt pavement for everything from roadways to parking lots and trails. We can provide spot pavement repairs to increase the longevity of the existing pavement, or provide a complete pavement resurfacing. Our asphalt paving jobs have won awards presented by Flexible Pavements of Ohio for quality work.
Planing, or milling, is the most efficient method for removing existing pavement. The process is useful for resurfacing, partial depth pavement repair, full depth pavement repair, widening of existing roads, curb removal, reestablishing pavement profiles and many other applications. Our machines are capable of milling from widths of 2’ to 6’ 7” feet to a depth of up to 13”. Our crews can perform full service milling which includes debris clean-up, traffic control and hauling.
Our concrete division specializes in concrete flatwork associated with roadway and parking lot construction and repair. This includes, but is not limited to, continuous curb and gutter, curb and gutter spot repair, sidewalk, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, driveways, steps, and concrete pavement. We have been self-performing concrete work since 2014.
Strawser can provide start to finish site development services including excavation, grading, storm sewer installation, stone base, and other necessary tasks. We use up to date and well maintained equipment coupled with the latest technology to complete jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our staff has the ability to create 3D CAD models for our jobs which can be used in conjunction with our Trimble GPS system for machine control site grading and surveying.
Our crews install underground storm sewer, water lines and other utilities for our various road and parking lot construction projects.
Strawser Paving can provide recycled concrete and recycled asphalt pavement (millings) to construct a parking lot, roadway, or to use as a base material for pavement. Using recycled materials can greatly reduce material costs, while still providing the needed strength. Our crushing and screening plant creates a consistent material that can meet your specifications. Hauling services can be provided. Contact us for pricing and material samples.